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Rhetoric Galore: No Action

Thursday, January 28, 2010
Rhetoric Galore: No Action
by j. wright

In political forums other than, I have suggested that it‘s more important to watch what President Obama does rather than listening and taking what he says ‘to the bank.’ Much of the time they are at odds, and for one, I find that difficult to accept in anyone. As another writer posted recently, "Platitudes about America and the American people which, when he says them, simply do not ring true. They are words being mouthed but not believed by him."

Borrowing a paragraph from a blog recently submitted here at: Top of the Ticket, by Andrew Malcolm on 1/29/2010: "A startling new poll just out: It shows that fully 9 out of 10 Americans bought that State of the Union gimmick of President Obama's to impose an alleged spending freeze on parts of the federal budget to carve into the nation's deficit that's expanding faster than a billion bellies at Super Bowl snack time."

May I add, this is one person that didn't buy into it, and here's why:

In the past year, President Obama’s budget increased federal spending by somewhere near 20%… an amazing increase compared to former budgets. Now, supposedly switching to a more populist, or man-on-the-street, pro little-guy approach, he’s now proposing a “freeze” on federal spending. To me, this is akin to locking the barn door after the horse has been stolen.

Noted columnist Charles Krauthammer said on FOX Cable News recently: "It is not a hatchet or scalpel, it is a Q-tip, it is a fraud. This is a miniscule amount. It excludes defense, homeland security. It excludes Veterans Affairs. It excludes all the entitlements, which are 60% of the budget. It excludes stimuli past and future. The two-thirds of the new $1 trillion stimulus that has not been spent. All of that is excluded. It excludes the trillion that would end up being spent in health care, if it were passed. What it is, is a $15 billion reduction in a year, 2011, in which the CBO has just announced we’re going to have a deficit of $1.35 trillion. It’s a rounding error. It’s lunch money."

Scratching away the nine zeros in billions and creating a fraction using the $1.35 trillion weighed against the $15 billion in so-called reductions gives one a fraction that looks like 15/1,350, or farther, 1/90 which is equal to 0.011% if you prefer percentages. As Dr. Krauthammer said: "A Q-tip, a fraud." Or as I say, "Same ol' crap, different day."

$15 billion… ($15,000,000,00.00) a big "savings" in Obama's eyes and in the eyes of 9 out of 10 of those polled. Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, in discussing one of the Senate Republicans failed health reform amendments, sneered at a “mere” $55 billions in annual savings if real medical tort reform were implemented thereby creating a much needed savings on health providers malpractice insurance premiums. Fancy. I guess it depends on whose billions we are talking about. Actually, all of those billions are either taxpayers dollars or dollars borrowed abroad from foreign interests. The government has no money of its own but our elected lawmakers and President Obama seem to have forgetten that minor detail.

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  1. Lend your ear to hear Obama and Reid tell what they have notably accomplished. Too few conservatives have been ob-jective about ob-ama.